Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Thu 25.10.07, Afternoon

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Michal A., Miriam S. (reporting)

Natanya translating.

13.40 Za'tara (Tapuach)
 18 cars. At the crossroads of Yizhar no checkpoint.

14.05 Huwwara.
About 20 people , two checking areas and a humanitarian line. As far as we can see the line is moving but there are complaints about a delay of two hours. A minute after we arrive another lane is opened by the same tough two.  A prying search into innocent places and the usual complains at the annoying length of time.

14.25 - About 80 people and the line is moving.  The commander ( a Givati unit) comes every now and again to complain that we are interfering with their work and demanding that we move off. The tough two show great creativity.  This maybe helps their boredom but does not bring joy to those waiting. (Details later).

14.45 - An improvement in the lanes. The tough two prefer to doubly check two people.

15.15 - 100 people in line.  The tough two insist that people go through the x-ray even though it is not working. A line of cars piles up at the entrance but the checking there is symbolic but to the point. At the exit the checking is careful and the passengers wait at a distance.

15.30 - The overcrowding causes anger and shouting. A young girl is taken by the military policewoman to be checked and freed a few minutes later.

15.47 Beit Furik.
No cars and no lines and the soldiers are bored. The matter of the commander repeats itself but we have not desire for hostilities.

 We go back to Huwwara at 16. 25 where there is a detainee and some 10s of people.

16.40 - The line decreases and the military policewoman turns her attention to cleaning the area.

17.00 - Cold, Advisable to bring warm clothing. The lines are reasonable. And thank you to Nadim the one and only.
 Added a few lines on a minor harassment.

Practical advice. It is advisable to take off rings and the contents of pockets. The dance and lifting of the arms. A body check of surface areas. If the x-ray machine does not work..go backwards and forwards until it does. And while this is happening look for amusing pictures in the cellphone of the person  and find out particulars of the family waiting around.

Bags thrown on the ground to see if they will bounce.

Take your time with the pictures while the young man sweats in front of you. Stop the turnstile slowly to see that the electricity is working.

When the people in line get impatient give them a lesson in how to behave and lengthen the waiting.

Make sure that they realise how important all this is and that each delay has a reason.