Azzun, Beit Iba, Jit, Mon 22.10.07, Morning

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Osnat R. Ronnie S. (reporting) Uriel (guest) Natanya translating.


Beit Iba 09.30 

The confusion, noise and dust reign as always as the building work continues. We stop at the kiosk and hear that the situation is no better or worse but that make a living is difficult.

The area of the car checking has been brought nearer to the pedestrians. No line of cars at the entrance. Also the line here passes through quickly. Women are not checked at all  and young men have their ids checked quickly. Older men are also not checked.

At the entrance the line of women is short but everyone has to open their bags which are carefully checked. Because we cannot see the end of the line of cars we cross the road which has been tarred so as to improve the conditions of the exit.  The commander tries to stop us but Osnat politely but firmly  explains to him that we are not bothering him  and we can stand and watch the cars coming out from Nablus. He does not like this (to put it mildly)  but there was a silent agreement.


We counted 13 cars at the exit  but they passed within 10 minutes. When we came back to the checking area we met lieutenant colonel Varon who introduced himself as the commander of the unit of the crossings and sergeant B(ir) the commander of the brigade responsible for the Nablus sector. All this only deals with the military police to whoever does not understand.  We had a long conversation about the functioning of his soldiers and he says that since they arrived at the checkpoint the amount of violence has decreased and we cast doubt on this statement and tried to strengthen this doubt by examples and facts.  Because he likes to be heard more than he likes to listen and though it was a very polite conversation it does not seem to have been of much use.  He asked us to bring exceptional cases to his knowledge through "the normal channels"  that is through Hanah Barag? And gave as an example a military policewoman who he had pulled out of Hawarra because of her violent and rude behavior.


 8 cars because the soldiers are busy checking a cart and donkey of one of the porters.


We leave Beit Iba.


No cars


 The entrance is open. 

(At Qalqiliya no line but many Israeli cars in the parking lot. Uriel our guest continues to photograph.)


11.40 We leave