Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Wed 17.10.07, Morning

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Nina S., Hanna A(reporting)

Translation: Nina S.

7.20 - Zaatra

13 cars are waiting from the west including 2 busses, but soon one bus continues on his way and 15 minutes late the line dissolved.

A few cars are in line from the north; a number of men walked to the CP and were sent back.

Car checking is randomal.

A woman is guided by a soldier and military police to the parking lot. She is sent to stand by a sand bag protected concrete cubicle next to the CP. Then the girl soldier takes her under the camouflage nets, under the guard tower. A short while later they immerge, the woman has her ID returned and she walks back to the bus that has been waiting for her at the western entrance to the junction.

7.52 - we left.

8.01 - junction roads 57/60. The CP in the north south direction is manned. Checking is only by observation; there are 20 cars in line.

8.07 - Huwwara

As we arrived, the chap responsible for the cabs asks our intervention to get a shade for the drivers and toilets in the parking lot. The faucets, installed next to the path, were functioning and had water.

2 active CPs and a ‘humanitarian'.

The screening car is working, getting to it involves hopping over the concrete barrier as the opening, that was there, has been blocked by metal rods.

There are few pedestrians leaving town. Passage into town is brisk.

A man arrived at the CP with a lighted cigarette in his hands, he is being rebuked by the soldier.

8.24 - another CP is opened.

There is no line of cars neither leaving town nor entering it.

At some point some of the men are requested to take off their belts and lift shirts, all of them have to lift their pants.

8.45 A detainee is sent to the detainee cubicle. His cellular phone is taken away. In spite of his chattels having been checked by the screening car, a soldier and girl soldier are checking them again next to the pedestrian CP. The detainee, who looks about 20 years old, is asked to take off his trousers. He does not seem to understand what is required of him, he does not understand Hebrew, and they shout at him.
At 9.08 he is released to continue on his way, not before a search amongst the soldiers, has to be undertaken, to locate his cellular. Now, the phone has been found, he has to juggle across the turnstile and almost gets stuck there due to his big suitcase and the narrow size of the stile.

8.53 - An ambulance arrives from the south, hooting. It is being checked instantly.

9.22 - We left as all this time things functioned much the same. There are few pedestrians leaving town and few cars.

9.32 - Beit Furik

5 cars in line to go into Nablus, there are no delays, but for the actual checkup at the CP.

At one point we worry that a fire engine, on an urgent call, will not be let out of town. But it is allowed to pass and drives on, on ‘Medison', the road to Saalem/Dir el Hateb.

As we stand next to the awning over the CP, a short distance from the turnstiles, the soldier checking pedestrians threatens to stop checking unless we move away. We left and complained to the humanitarian centre. K. Said she will check the matter.

Meantime, a man wishing to enter Beit Furik is requested to open his cases on the concrete, wall separating road and pedestrian passage. We photograph the incidence and a soldier shouts at us not to photograph. We did not take any notice of him.

We met an acquaintance from Beit Furik who said that for the last 2 days the CP was only opened at 6.30 AM instead of 5 AM. Others said it was opened at 6 AM.

10.00 - as there were few  cars and pedestrians we left.

Oh yes, we met Osama coming back from Nablus. He got his permit and now has Palestinian ID. Good luck to him.

10.10 - The CP at junction 57/60 is still working, 16 cars in line.

At Huwwara we met the father of one of the kids that were attacked by soldiers, at Urif village, a few weeks ago. They lodged a complaint with the army via "Yesh Din". He told us that this resulted in his loosing his magnetic card (that enables him to work in Israel). We gave him Sylvia's phone and also connected him with Yesh Din.

10.30 - Zaatara - 3 cars in line from the north and no cars from the West.