Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Tue 16.10.07, Afternoon

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Fathia A, Raheli B.A, Hanna K (reporting)

 Ruth F., Translation

14:30- After reading Dana's email on the incident in Marda village near Ariel, we entered the village. The IDF took over the roof of one of the houses and hung the Israeli flag (soldier: "so that they know we are here"), saying that stones had been thrown on the main road and the house (which is rather far from the road) is suppose to be their observation point. Those who protested were repressed, a woman got hit, there was use of plastic bullets and people were injured. The officer that explained to us what had happened couldn’t' understand why would someone refuse to accommodate IDF soldiers on the roof of his home, while they disturb his daily life. There were restrictions over the Red Crescent volunteers who had left their ambulance there. Representatives of Rabbis from Human Rights were there (Asherman and others) and a reporter from the Jerusalem Post. The village is under a curfew. 

15:20- Za'atara Junction- Crowded. About thirty vehicles were waiting from the south.

15:30- Another checkpoint was placed at the north entrance to Huwwara. Ten cars were waiting.

15:35- Huwwara Checkpoint- The waiting time was of about an hour. There was much tension yelling in the regular lane. At humanitarian lane was a long and crowded line, one woman fainted and after 15 minutes an ambulance arrived and took her. A mother and her son (about 17) were detained for about two and a half hours. The mother was the daughter of a Jewish woman from Tiberias. The family had wandered through several cities: Tibee, Jerusalem, Tul Karem and Al Eizariya. Their IDs were issued in Gaza- they had left the strip about twelve years ago- they were not issued again  for bureaucratic reasons and they often get detained. The woman has a Pacemaker. The officer released them at 16:30 after Raheli's pleas. 

At 15:50- a student that was trying to exit through the entrance facilities was caught. The young man was sent to the cell. He was relased at 17:15. We could find some comfort from the reshuffle at the checkpoint: deputy commander N. is replacing the officer who's-name-must-not-be mentioned, after having left, probably forever.


17:30- We left.
17:35- about ten cars were waiting at the renewed checkpoint at the entrance to Huwwara.