'Anabta, Beit Iba, Jit, Mon 15.10.07, Morning

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Francis T., Rony S.
Trans.:  Judith Green

7:45 – The checkpoint of Jit was manned by 4 soldiers and a Hammer from the direction of Nablus.  A line of about 5 vehicles formed very quickly since the soldiers were not doing inspection, but rather chatting among themselves.  An Egged bus full of settlers which, of course, did not wait in the line of the Palestinians but travelled on the righthand lane, almost ran us over when we turned in the direction of Nablus.

7:55 – The checkpoint at Beit Iba was relatively quiet, with less traffic.  A lot of families with children in holiday dress were using the free day from school and university for visits and entertainment.

At the exit from Nablus there were few vehicles;  one truck heavily loaded exited from Nablus and went through inspection;  a bus with women and children was inspected by a soldier, but the passengers weren't made to get off.

At the pedestrian passage, those entering were randomly checked by a bored soldier.  A military policewoman was joking provocatively with the soldiers;  so much so that the checkpoint commander warned her, but didn't manage to calm her down.  She acted that way in front of the Palestinians as well, with the help of the magnometer that she was holding.  Perhaps because of boredom she suddenly chose a small and thin young woman, with an open face, and took her to the cell for a thorough inspection.  They came out smiling, although the woman made a gesture of not understanding what was going on.

Two soldiers checked the pocketbook of a young woman at the entrance to Nablus, on the floor, as there was no table.  She had to take all her personal possessions out in front of them while they were joking in Hebrew at her expense.  At the exit everyone, including children, had to pass a thorough inspection.

8:45 – A bus with passengers was detained by soldiers at the exit.  The bus broke down and was then fixed by a mechanic who also had a bus driver's license, but not for this bus…The mechanic was covered with grease but that did not help him convince the soldiers to allow him and his passengers through.  They were sent back, after being detained for a little while to have their IDs checked.  At the same time there were quick inspections of vehicles leaving Nablus.

9:10 – A normal and disgusting day.  We leave after coffee at the kiosk which we favor.