'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Qalqiliya, Mon 29.10.07, Morning

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Osnat R., Frances T. reporting



06.35  We arrive at the checkpost without the usual flag on our car, hoping this will not cause trouble.  A long line of cars wait to exit Qalqilya.  The MP in charge argues with us about where we stand but eventually gives in.  We stop a driver who advises us that it took him nearly 40 minutes to exit the town.  We time other cars and his estimation is correct.  There are random checks of young people exiting.  Then chaos strikes.  Frustrated drivers try to jump the queue and a double line develops, and then a triple one.  Cars and buses entering Qalqilya cannot pass and the situation looks bad.  Fortunately things somehow sort themselves out despite one of the MP's who is sending and SMS on his phone instead of checking cars.  There is also a long line of about 12 cars entering.


7.20 We leave with a long line of cars still waiting.

07.25 The entrance to Azzun is open


Anabta 08.45 

There are no lines and random checks of cars from Tulkarm.  We leave after 10 minutes


A Ras 09.20 

A dog handler is present checking cars from Tulkarm and she makes the dog jump into one of the cars to sniff the interior.  The driver continues after his ID is checked.