South Hebron Hills, Tarqumiya, Mon 29.10.07, Morning

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Hagit and Raya (reporting)


0800 -buses carrying families visiting prisoners, 3 buses pass through, another 3 are waiting and it’s unclear why they are not being checked. We asked the soldiers why they are being delayed. It seems that following our questions the soldiers returned to checking.

The coordinator from the Red Cross said everything is o.k. We can’t say for sure whether our remarks expedited the checking, but that’s what we felt.

Between Tarkumiya & Idna,

Very little traffic

At the crossroads between roads 35 & 60 the humanitarian Machsom – the pillbox is manned, the crossing is open, no one in sight.


Closed as usual, the girls’schools everything is o.k. according to a local resident. The women students from Shayuch arrive at the Machsom in order to go to the University of Hebron.