Reihan, Wed 5.12.07, Morning

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Nava R., Chedva H. (reporting)
Translation:Y. Bassis-Student

At the entrance to the Palestinian car park area there were 8 trucks intended to be unloaded but due to a problem with the electronic system the trucks are still stuck there at 11:15 when somebody came over to fix the problem.
Things were back to order at 11:30 but the trucks  were still parked at the lot, as before.
At that time a Palestinian driver called us over. He was waiting near the vehicle's inspection post' and  was on his way from the West bank to the Seam line zone . He  asks for our assistance. It has to do with his brother who hurt his eye a few years ago, and at this time his the brother's other eye is in a bad shape and he can hardly see. He needs to appear in the Nazareth court in one weeks time and he needs an escort. This person is the primary care giver of that brother but is not allowed into Israel (apparently as instructed by the security authorities) He could not tell us why is the reason for his prevention from entering Israel.
We turned him to Ana for assistance.
At 12:10 those trucks are still awaiting inspection and there are 12 of them by now. One driver tells us that he has been waiting there for 3 hours with 100 crates of fresh eggs.