Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Mon 26.11.07, Afternoon

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Macky S. Riva B. Noah P.
Seriously? Does this make us safer?

Natanya translating.

13.30 Haras -
The checkpoint at the entrance to the village open.
Bidia CP - at the entrance to the village of Karwat Banei Has is open and the young people sitting there say it is open most of the time and only closed for a couple of hours. 
The entrance to Marda is open.
The road at the entrance to Zeita is still blocked.

At Za'tara -  
There were 19 cars in both directions and no cars were detained but the checking took a long time. The commander said the there was a  hot alert that a father and son had gone out in a car for terrorist purposes and they were looking for a specific ID.  All cars and passengers  were checked.

14.10 - The checkpointat at Burin/Yitzhar was not manned.
At Awarta -  we met soldier with a D-9 digging and when we asked what they were doing said "a trench."  On our way back from Beit Furik the trench was completed  and a d barrier of ground blocked the fields from the village. We asked ourselves how the man working his lands with his tractor was going to get back.

14.20 The carpark was empty and 10 pedestrians passed quickly.  The DCO representative approached and greeted us and a conversation ensued with the soldiers. They said proudly that they had caught two detonator belts but when we asked if this had been at the checkpoint itself they said sheepishly that it had been in the area.

Suddenly a minor commotion erupts. The military policewoman is sending back two young men in a trade van. The men had tried to take  a gas canister through the pedestrian passage and been refused because of an order forbidding this. They had tried to put it into a car whose driver was an elderly man but the soldiers had seen this  and sent him back. He could pass without the canister. That was that.

When we asked who could take through a canister we were told that only when it was a truck carrying a load of suchlike.  
Two young men with a canister are suspicious.  "It is also forbidden take through engines."

In the meantime on the other side a young father is trying to take his two little children through. Because of the previous episode the military policewoman locks the turnstile with the little children inside and they cannot move. But the DCO representative sees this after a minute and orders her to open it.

A taxi driver tries to explain that the prophet says there can be no peace but only a truce which has to be renewed every 5 years.

15.00 Huwwara. 
Two settlers are standing at the hitching post and recognizing us scream at us to leave. We do not answer the provocation and continue. The shed is only half full and people kept waiting for only a minute or so.
We asked an elderly man why and he said that the term had ended and the students were preparing for their exams.

Here too the DCO representative approaches us and introduces himself pleasantly.
Today the soldiers here are very pleasant. They do not shout and try to let people through quickly. The men do not have to take off their belts or do the "dance".

At the entrance to the sheds elderly people wait and no one scolds at them to move saying this is a sterileinfo-icon area.  Women are checked by ID and parcels.

16.00 Burin/Yitzhar -  is not manned.

16.10 Za'tara/Tapuach -  10 cars in both directions.