Jit, Qalqiliya, Sun 21.10.07, Afternoon

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Alix W., Susan L. (reporting)

Qalqiliya, Sunday 21.10.07 pm, E only


Observers: Alix W., Susan L. (reporting)




“Who’s in charge here?” is not the start, or the end, of a feeble joke but a vivid description of the occupation. It’s not only the continuous humiliation and the endless harassment, but the offhand manner – gun of course at the ready -- in which the occupier goes about his business, often creating mayhem but making sure that accountability is pinned on no one. 



On the way to Qalqiliya


Jit Junction: not a checkpoint (it’s not a Palestinian holiday today – as last week).


Two young women settlers, one playing a guitar, on the hilltop which we have observed is sometimes crawling with young settlers, probably about to take over yet another hilltop!  


15:45 Qalqiliya


A long line of vehicles, 12-15 trucks and cars, waiting to enter Qalqiliya, Israeli cars are checked  to see if they have permits to visit family, Palestinian vehicles not checked at all. No checking of vehicles leaving the city. There is order and method in the way the Border Police work here, smoothly and efficiently.


15:45 -- one touching incident to report on today: one of the soldiers goes over to a donkey cart and his kefiya-headed owner, handing him the soldiers’ surplus bagged sliced bread!