Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Wed 5.12.07, Morning

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M.driving, O. and R. observing and reporting
Bethlehem, Al Nashash, Nebi Yunis, DCO Etzion
Bethlehem CP, 6:40 am
Five checking stations are open.  The lines of people are long and crowded.  They say there are many people still waiting to enter the CP.  There are two CP's closed today, Jabber and another near Gush Etzion and those people have been diverted to this CP.  One security guard is present.  An Israeli army officer approaches us with a smile and hand outstretched.  He has been sent here to observe because of the closureinfo-icon of the two CP's.  He tells us that there is no protection from the coming rain at the entrance, although it has been repeatedly requested.
Al Nashash, 7:30am  No one asks for help.
Nebi Yunis, 8:00 am
A taxi driver came to inquire about his friend who was stopped by the police at 7:30 pm in July at the Masmia junction.  He had a permit to be in Israel until 7:00 pm but the traffic delayed him.  He was not fined, but told he could not drive for three months.  He went to Hebron to see if he was cleared.  There he was told to go to Beit El.  His name still appears on the police list.

 Etzion DCL 8:45 am
People have already been received.  Two are waiting to inquire about a magnetic card.