Beit Iba, Jit, Tue 6.11.07, Afternoon

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Zahava G. Amit Y. Yael S.,Natanya translating.

Beit Iba 15.40
At the entrance to Nablus a long line which blocks the way of a humanitarian car. There was no way of bypassing. An enormous truck  stood at the side of the taxis and blocked the way.  At the exit were 9 cars which waited about 45 minutes.

At Qusin there was no checking and the way was open.
Pedestrians passed quickly but there were few people.
At the new checkpoint there is a white line on the wall so as to show us where we are to stand. Was it not decided that there was no white line?
 A detainee in the enclosure whose number appears on the list and who says that he is usually detained at Hawarra but there they already know him. It took an hour for him to be freed. Why so long?
There are rumours that tomorrow important people will visit here and there. Nir, the responsible person for the checkpoints is present. We spoke to him about the long line which was blocked and he opened another checking lane but it was still not clear how this would clear the line.
 The detained man is free and told to clear this matter at the DCO but he had already been there and it had not helped.
Jit -16.50
We left. No checkpoint at Jit.