'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Azzun, Jit, Jubara (Kafriat), Qalqiliya, Shave Shomron, Sun 9.12.07, Afternoon

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Aliya S., Alix W., (reporting)

At the entrance to the Occupied Palestinian Territories, on Route 55
there is a blue police car, and at least 10 MP soldiers standing
around the CP. Not many vehicles exiting

13:30 Qalqiliya
When we arrive, there are no cars going out and a few entering. A
soldier (looks like the commander) approaches us and asks us to move
so we do not disturb the soldiers and for our safety. We ask him if
there is a curfew, but he says he cannot answer the question. We
note that the soldiers are waving the vehicles (Palestinians) through
without stopping or checking their ID's. All the Israeli vehicles
are stopped and checked for the proper authorization to enter, most
are sent back, but allowed to enter by foot.

14:30 Route 55
In passing Azzun we notice that it is opened, all the cement blocks
are moved. We later hear from two different sources that they have
closed it again.

On Route 55 just after Al Funduq there are two soldiers and a jeep
with the triangle signs reading `Machsom (Checkpoint)".

As we continue on Route 55, at the Jit junction there are three
soldiers and a Hummer, standing on the side towards Jit. On our
return at 16:15, we see that the soldiers are stopping and checking
vehicles going in the direction of Jit.

Just before Shavei Shomron, another `machsom' is set up with a jeep
and two soldiers. Perhaps this is the army's preparation concerning
the settlers that are supposed to be coming into the territories
this week to set up new points.

In passing the `Pink' house we see people moving around, there is a
new large sign placed in front of the house and after it, reading
to support Jewish workers and merchants and `Jews don't support
terror'. Later, at about 16:15 we passed the `pink' house and saw
many cars parked along the road and many people going up to the
house; we saw a table set up at the entrance, selling something,
maybe. There was a blue police vehicle and an army jeep. Perhaps
this was the reason for all the flying CPs??

16:35 Anabta

Unbelievable the queue from both sides of the CP, approaching Anabta
the vehicles are far before the turn off to 57 road, we lost count
when we got closer to the CP because there were two and the three
vehicles one along side another. There was no end to the number of
vehicles coming from Tulkarm. The soldiers here are reservists and
do not know Machsom Watch, we ask them if the CP was closed they
said no and they had no answer to why there is this pile up of
traffic. There was very little checking of IDs or vehicles, most
(Palestinians and Israelis) were waved through.

17:20 Jubara, A-Ras

Here again there are reservists, the ones at the Gate 753 and at A-
Ras, there are few vehicles and they are passing rather quickly.
The soldiers seem to be efficient and pleasant.