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Until 7:30am there was a lot of pedestrian traffic. At the checkpoint next to the gas station there were 5 Border Police - who checked the passer-bys randomly. Most of the people weren't even checked.There were no soldiers at the mosque.Two jeeps patrolled between the mosque and the road that is above the field. At 7:30 the tension suddenly mounted. A jeep on the eastern side of the wall made a racket with its siren. The soldiers put on their helmets, decided that there's a curfew, and used the plastic barriers to stop all vehicular movement. Pedestrian traffic continued unabated. A soldier got on top of one of the jeeps, with his rifle pointed at the people below (the type that fires tear gas).Five minutes later everything went back to its former state. The helmets came off, the barrier was opened and the jeep with the threatening soldier cleared off. We had no idea what the whole business was about.