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At the checkpoint were three border policemen. Full curfew, no one without blue ID is allowed to pass.El Eizarya another checkpoint.No detaineesinfo-icon; orange/green ID's were sent back.Checkpoint down A-Tur, near Shayach and A Za'im with three jeeps and a lot of soldiers chasing after Palestinians trying to pass via the mountains. Eight detainees. Five of them claimed that they were already held for half an hour and got cursed by the blue police jeep driver. Jeep nm: 22134. The moment we arrived and started to ask questions they released all eight of them. Schoolchildren passed free at all checkpoints.Two checkpoints in the center of Jerusalem: First at entrance to Bet Israel, Shomrei Emunim St., second in Shivtei Israel St..Two border policenikim detained Palestinians with blue ID's. The Palestinians told us they are getting ticketed for holding old ID's, that means, older than four years. What does that mean??!! Is there any law saying that we must renew the ID every four years??!!