Sansana, Wed 26.12.07, Morning

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Yael Z. and Tal E. (reporting)

A depressing and frustrating shift. In the parking lot many transits are waiting for the workers. In the Palestinian side many (~200?) workers. Counting is difficult because the sleeveinfo-icon was packed. A few Palestinians complained that their IDs were taken because the guards thought they tried to jump over the fence and told them they will have to wait a few hours before they will be allowed in. There's a lot of anger and frustration from the Palestinians for the time they have to wait in the checkpoint in the last few days. They mainly complain about yesterday afternoon when their way home took a few hours.   
We went to look for Shlomi in the offices area and were told not to go in. One of the workers there called Yaniv, the shift manage. He was courteous and explains that he thinks everything is operating as it should and that this is the way it should work for the safety of Israel. He also explains that some of the delay in the passing of the Palestinians is the fact that they have to renew their magnetic cards and that they should take a day off and do it.
We ask to speak to Shlomi who arrives and greets us kindly. But claims that he is not responsible for the Palestinians' behavior and that everything is going fine. According to him, more checking booths will operate starting January.
We get the feeling that his promises for high level of service that he promised before entering his job did not last for long.
When we go back to the checking area and stand outside the carousels, we are approached by one of the workers in the security company who explains that we should not enter the carousels because we cannot be certain that the Palestinians do not carry weapons.
Before we leave there's still a queue in the Palestinian side but it is much shorter than before.