'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Jit, Jubara (Kafriat), Qalqiliya, Thu 6.12.07, Afternoon

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Sarah P. Tammie C.,Natanya translating

14.10 Qalqiliya
Here there were 17 cars in both directions and the parking lot was packed. It seems that there is a partial closureinfo-icon on Qalqiliya. Israeli cars can only go through if they have a permit (and so on our way back to the car we told some of them that there was no point in their waiting. Palestinians can go in but the only way out is through Habla which is a detour. As we understand it, road 55 to Funduk is forbidden to Palestinians, the checking is very careful and therefore there is a line.

We went through Funduk where the shops were open and it seems calm for the moment.

At the entrance to Jit all was quiet.

15.45 Entrance to Anabta. We came just as there was a change of shift and we went around the checkpoint. At the entrance of Qalqiliya the traffic passed through and there were about 10 cars at the exit. The commander came to greet us and we remained there for a few minutes. We met some young people who live in Wadi Ara and study in Jenin. They were coming through on foot and said that each time that they went home they had problems and were taking a chance that they would not be allowed back again.
At Jubara we went through the gate for Machsomwatch and Abu Chatem where we met many women who had come on a sympathy visit.

16.15 A-Ras.
The soldiers were happy to see us and said that they were finishing their duty on Thursday and going home. The checkpoint was almost empty and they said that a week ago a soldier caught a boy, shoved him into the toilet and beat him up. The soldiers reported this and the soldier was punished and banished from the unit.
This report was already given in by another group who received it from the brigade commander.