Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Tarqumiya, Mon 24.12.07, Morning

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Hagit S., Raya Y.

until 08:20 9 buses passed in an orderly and efficient manner (8 for Naphkha, 1 for Megido). The military police officer is nice and friendly, understands the difficulties that laborers and soldier face; tells us that 3 weeks ago two check posts were closed down and 4500 people pass thru Tarquomia every morning. After 3 very difficult days they all learned how to pass thru without pushing and the situation is much better.

Route 35
The humanitarian check point in Hebron
is closed. No cars or people are sighted.

Shiyuch-Hebron closed to car transport. Few people cross on foot. Army jeep is parked  near by and the soldiers enjoy the pleasant winter sun.

Pharmacy CP. : quiet passage of pedestrians thru the corridor. Nice Shimshon soldiers.

Tarpat CP: as quiet; surprisingly friendly soldiers.

Tel Romeida: soldiers make random checks in a humane and friendly manner.
They said that a week ago Palestinians threw stones and caused a “balagan.”

The cave of the Patriarchs: 3 detaineesinfo-icon; we are asked not to speak with them. After 7 minutes they get back their papers following a computer check and leave.

We were truly surprised by the friendly manner that the soldiers showed towards us and towards the Palestinians.