Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Tue 25.12.07, Morning

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Shlomit T., Hagit B. (Hebrew report) (English summary Ziva BP)

 Guests: 6 students from Sapir College (taking Shlomit’s class “Introduction to the Philosophy of Education), coming form Sderot, Mefalsim, Rahat and Tel Sheva.

Meitar (Sansana) CP (06:40)
The familiar blue transit is checked for the first time, because the inspectors notice the presence of Arabs in the car. About 70 people are waiting on the Palestinian side. Some of them have just arrived and there are no complaints concerning the wait. On the Israeli side the check goes on efficiently . Shlomi, the manager of this CP reports on planned improvements.
By 07:30 everybody has passed.

Road 60
Road works are continuing. No Palestinian cars or any others (including military vehicles).

Samoa: a palesinian yellow cabs notices the Bedouin students and hurries towards us hoping for clients.

Dahariya: the ususal transfer of wheat bags on donkeys and back to back on both sides of the road.

Dura al Fawar: Pillbox is manned. Few pedestrians. The gatesinfo-icon on both sides of Road 60 are open.

Sheep Junction: Few pedestrians crossing the road from Yata to Hebron.

The gate keeper trusts us to have blue ID’s and warns us to go fast thru Kiryat Arba because they don't like Arabs in their neighborhood.

Beit HaMerivah: settlers were not there and we were able to speak with a palestinian mother and her 3 daughters.

Cave of the Patriarchs CP: no detaineesinfo-icon. Border Police soldiers refuse to let the Bedouins to get in and then accompanied the women to the toilets.

Avraham Avinu neighborhood: the ususal scene of hatred between the settlers and us, not to mention the non-Jews amongst us.

Tarpat CP: no people seen.

Tel Rumeida: CP manned but no one is checked. Soldiers watch over (protect) Palestinians who are placing a telephone line.

Pharmacy CP: children play with the soldiers- attired for their holiday they go back and forth.

Roads 356 and 317
: the usual emptiness and road blocks.