Huwwara, Tue 25.12.07, Afternoon

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Dina P, Phetahia A, Chana K (reporting)

Translation: Ruth F.

14:30- Huwwara
Many people were crowded around the entrance to the checkpoint, they were all evacuated from the checkpoint because of a suspicious object, which turned out to be a bag with some clothes that was forgotten. After they had found out what the bag was, many people crowded around the entrance to Nablus.
In the meanwhile, the person who forgot the bag was sent to the cell that is behind the women-inspection-booth, for four hours.
The explanation given was that he didn't come forward and identify himself as the owner of the bag on time, the GSS was to come and investigate him. Another young man was sent to the cell with him, he is someone who is detained on a regular basis without any explanations.
They were both released at about 15:00.
By the cell we found three Coca Cola bottles filled with yellow liquid, this comes to show the bad conditions in which the detaineesinfo-icon are kept. The DCO person and the commander (A) said they took thesebottles out of the cell and thrown them outside. In any case, the public toilets routine is completely inhumane, aside for the one beside the "humanitarian post", but it is defined as a close military zone. 

15:30- A thirteen year old boy arrived accompanied by his sport trainer, he was to leave Nablus and head to Ramallah, where he lived. Unfortunately the child had only a birth certificate and was not accompanied by either of his parents, and didn't have their IDs with him. The child was supposed to return to Nablus, where he didn't have any relatives. The DCO allowed the child to pass.

16:30 - We left.