Al Nashshash, Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Wed 19.12.07, Morning

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Yoske M., Ora A., Rachel M. Drora P (reporting)



Rachel’s Passage, El Nashnash, Neve Yunis, Etzion DCL


A rainy day with no activity requiring our intervention.   Today is the first day of the Muslim festival  “Idl El Adcha”.   Laborers don’t want to go to work except for a few Christians who pass through Rachel’s Crossing (Bethelem CP). 

The Etzion District Office's Police Officer, Maher,   isn’t there and there is no replacement.   A Palestinian, who had been instructed by Maher  to deal with his problem with the police to has to return home because there is no admission of the public today (of course there is no notice in the District Coordinator’s office explaining this). 

In the waiting room of the Etzion DCL there is a notice that there is no admission for Palestinians to receive magnetic cards between 19-31 of the month. 

In El Nashnash we meet a Palestinian who has been refused entry to Israel and now that the refusal period had elapsed he is still facing difficulties. 

  In Neve Yunis “the heavens are weeping” on Abu Muhmad, who died of a broken heart;  the new “coffee house” that his son is building with the help of friends is completed.   There are no customers there due to the festival. 

It seems that a kind of “eating mall” is being built there, with competition for space, and food being sold for pennies.