Al Nashshash, Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Mon 7.1.08, Morning

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Haya A., Idit S., Ada G. (reporting)

Road no 60, Beit Anun, Etzion DCL

Hussan : People apply for help with the usual police-related problems 

08.00   AL Hashash : No activity 

Beit Omer
:A few people ask for help with police-related problems. 

09.00  Beit Anun :People tell us that their situation is hard, as usual.   An army jeep is standing at the entrance.   The Palestinians relate that the soldiers stop and search people every morning when they leave their homes. 

09.30   Nebe Yunis:  This is our main stop.   There are problems connected with police paper-work, and a few people approach us with requests for assistance. 

10.00   Etzion DCL: People wait for the general security service.   No-one is waiting for a magnetic card or for the police.    According to a taxi-driver, the reason that there are no people waiting for a magnetic card is that they are now valid for four years.   As he says, this is good for the Palestinian civilians but bad for the taxi-drivers.  A young man from Wallaje received a card for female citizens which is not recognized and he is in trouble.   The matter is being handled by a lawyer.