Awarta, Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Mon 7.1.08, Afternoon

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Tamar D. Kobi, photographer,(guest) Macky S., Moran Y., Noah P.

Natanya translating.

13.05 Crossroads of Ariel. The hiking post is guarded by two armed soldiers.

Kif Al Haras. Back to back continues.  There is a barricade of stones.

We go to the road leading to Bruqin where there is still a barricade. We met the driver of a private car who said that he had been called to the place by the family of a man who was not feeling well and they wanted him to take the man to Huwwara. From there a taxi would take him to hospital. When we left the man had still not reached the barricade.  We made an official complaint to the humanitarian centre but B. said that without the name and ID of the mind he could do nothing. We explained that the barricade itself made life difficult for people living in Bruqin and Dik. When will it be removed. One can only ask the commander of the brigade.

Za'tara. 13.25  From the west were 9 car being checked in two lines, only the ID. When we left there was no line at all.

When we got to the parking lot we met a taxi and one of the people said "All honour that you are here. We work for the Palestinian authority and have been delayed an hour already. The dog checked the seats, our clothes, is that pleasant?" When we arrived they were on their way.While we were speaking to them two more cars were detained.

A truck with goods of which the boxes were checked randomly by a military policeman and of course the dog. 10 minute later he went on his way. We are not sure for how long he was delayed,  Passengers of a bus were all made to alight and to do the dance and after their IDs were checked they went on their way. We then found that this was the first shift of the squad and therefore they were being very careful.

We then went to the commander to ask why the workers of the PA had been delayed and was there a special reason for this. He said that they could pass without being checked as did the Israeli cars. How was this? They have white license plates and until documents were checked the Israeli soldiers had no way of knowing who they are. And when we spoke of the long delay all present burst out that no car had waited more than 10 minutes and so it was obvious that they had to check something.

Checkpoint of Burin.  Not manned.

 13.50 Beit Furik.
3 cars and the drivers said they had been there half an hour. Drivers said that today the checkpoint is handled well and there are no special delays,

Opposite the guard post next to the electric post is a man who does not speak Hebrew. Two men who have just left Nablus help to translate. He is a detainee of the secret service  and has been there an hour in the wind already. Two minutes after we arrive he is called to a jeep standing near and told to do the dance and then questioned and sent to Nablus.

We saw a woman who was detained as she had tried to enter Yitamar. Because of the happenings afterwards we could not find out more.

A car stopped for questioning and immediately the carnival began. Women in Blue and White get out and immediately start with their usual pleasant words...."Idiots,Nazis, Watch , Watch, Bitch , Bitch, Anti-Semites, Dead Bodies, you aren't Israelis and instead of helping to guard the soldiers all day you are busy with the media against the army and the poor soldiers." They pointed at Macky and said she was our administrators who gathers all kinds of delinquent girls. Before we leave the commander goes up to them to see what they have brought for the hungry soldiers.  After an argument between Ricky and  Kobi our photographer we received her close  escort all the way to the car so that he should not film . And Tamar says there is the psychiatrist of the area just when he is needed. All the cars that were waiting passed while we were there.

14.25 Awarta. Many trucks. 10 cars.

The olive seller says that today there is a good commander and an easy passage.

14,39  Huwwara.
The checkpoint is nearly empty. A. from the DCO explains that although there are few people the passage is slow because there is a new squad.  They were being trained.  The shed is half full and in the humanitarian line few people. Cars are carefully checked but freed after about two minutes.  But everything is checked in the x-ray machine.

The pedestrian line is slower and takes time. Everyone has to do the dance and take off their belts. A man who forgot his ID yesterday at the checkpoint comes to find it and A. looks for it and returns it to the man.

Za'tara.  15 cars from the west which go through quickly.