Ar-Ras, Eyal, Irtah, Jubara (Kafriat), Sun 20.1.08, Morning

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Observers : Leah Sh. Rachel H. (reporter) Translator: Orna B.

7:00 Eyal checkpoint
We reached Eyal in order to get a man, who had been refused entry by the police or the Military Intelligence, to sign a power of attorney so we can find out the reason for this refusal. We waited for about half an hour and during that time many workmen went through the checkpoint without any delays.

7:35 Irtach
Here too the passage is fast, although one workman claimed that he had been there since 4:30 and tha the went through only half an hour ago, (“How can you get work at this hour?”). We saw no one on the Tulkarm side. In the parking lot buses await prisoners’ visits and several women are seen leaving the installation.

7:45 Jubara
There was no queue. Car are stopped but go through rapidly. We immediately got a permit to pass through.

7:50 A-ras
There is a queue of five vehicles from the Tulkarm dirction. A lorry which had tried to overtake was sent back to the end of the queue. The soldiers are friendly towards recognized passers by.

8:10 Anabta
From south there is a queue of 4 cars, among them Israeli Arabs too. The soldiers stop and talk the drivers but don’t always check the certificates. From north a very long queue the end of which could not be seen. When we returned from Beit Iba at 9:30 we saw a very long queue which blocked the passage in the junction with Route 557. We were in a hurry and did not stop to check the situation.