Awarta, Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Sun 13.1.08, Morning

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Sharon W. and Ditza Y. - reporting

Translation: Hanna K.

7:45 Za'tara:
There are two cars from the west. From the north there are two busses parked at the detention lot. We address one of the drivers, he says that today things are OK, he lingers because he waits for some of the buses passengers who went to the toilets. It turns out that they brought a toilet cell to the CP. There are 3 checking posts, but on our way to Huwwara we count 60 vehicles waiting in the queue.

8:15 Beit Furik:
There are 9 vehicles waiting. A driver tells us that he has been waiting for half an hour at the CP.
At the turnstiles there are about 30 people. We notice a young man who sits in the detention cell.
The detainee was released but not before he was checked by the CP commander, with hands lifted, leaning on the wall, while the commander felt his body. The commander demands that we retreat to the virtual white line, but is prepared to talk to us. When we ask about the young man he replies that he was detained because he "created havoc". It is clear that his corporal examination was an act of humiliation.
8:30 The CP has become empty, but from time to time a group of a number of people arrives.

8:50 Awarta:
There are 4 trucks heading for Nablus, a great number of cars are waiting to leave Awarta. A soldier who is prepared to talk to us is immediately stopped by his commander.

9:15 Huwwara:
The taxi parking lot is teeming with life, there is an animated traffic to Nablus. At the CP there is a X-Ray machine, 2 checking posts.
The CP commander comes up to us and shakes our hands. He tells us that there was much more pressure before, in the morning, because of the end of the vacation.
9:25 One of the people leaving the turnstiles comes to us. He complains that in the heavy cold of this day he had to wait half an hour, more than on other mornings.
9:30 Another Palestinian tells us that he has been waiting for a quarter of an hour at the CP.
9:50 One of the man leaving the turnstile area comes to us and asks for our help: he is married and father of three, works in Israel leagally. He had a work permit valid till 31.1.08, but a few weeks ago his permit was taken away from him at the Tul Karem CP.
He cannot understand why the permit was taken from him. He goes every day, so he says, to the DCO and pleads to be told what wrong he has done, but he gets no reply.
We referred him to Silvia P.

10:05 We left the CP.