Beit Iba, Mon 4.2.08, Morning

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Ronnie S, Nina S.

Natanya translating.
8.00 Few people or cars. At 8.30 a young man was detained and he said that it happens each day because of his ID and in the end he is allowed to pass. He is on a list and cannot get his name off it. We phoned the centre who said that he is "forbidden" . We asked the DCO when we saw him and he said that he knows the young man and is dealing  with the problem. By 9.30 when we left he was still there although everyone was dealing with the problem. Every now and again a soldier would come to the magnometer and also carry out a body search of the people. A man comes holding a little boy n his arms and a woman. The soldiers start asking him about his family status and about the details in the ID. What is it their business? Why not if they can harass some one a bit. In the meantime the woman stands there coughing and the little boy is freezing. When the soldiers had satisfied their curiosity they are allowed to pass.
The administrator of the taxis say that most taxis leave at about 6 and if there are people who came late or where detained they have no way of getting home.
The checking of the goods on the cars is most complicated and causes problems with the trade connections of the villages.