'Anabta, Azzun, Qalqiliya, Shave Shomron, Mon 4.2.08, Morning

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Ronnie S. Nina S. Natanya translating.

Summary. The routine of the occupation.

6.45 At the entrance to Israeli from Qalqiliya about 40 workers passing through quickly. At Qalqiliya itself also the pace is swift and only those exiting are checked. At Azzun the main entrance is blocked by cement blocks  and only pedestrians can come through. There are no soldiers. At the crossroads of Jit there are no soldiers and it is open.  At Shave Shomron ( from road 60) there are no soldiers at the entrance.

9.45 Anabta.
 An enormous line in the direction of Qaqiliya. The checking is sometimes quick and sometimes the soldiers jeer at the people and chat amongst themselves while sheltered in the post and the line stops. Some cars are carefully checked, others not at all.

Pedestrians have to do the dance. If they came through by taxi they would pass without being checked but then on the other hand they would have to wait half an hour by our timing. So some of them leave the taxis and take another one on the other side.  A pedestrian who has come to speak to some Israeli who have arrived at the checkpoint is sent back and not allowed to speak to them. It is not clear why. The taxis are still parked directly opposite the crossroads of Einav. .

 The whole time there is a short line of cars coming from Tulkarm some of which are checked by the dog trainer. The passengers stand at the side while the dog gets in and out. A loaded car with 10s of boxes arrived and the driver is ordered to stand at the side and take every one of these out. They have household goods and plates, etc.

11.15 The checkpoint at the entrance to Jubara. 2 young men are detained and then released in the direction of Tulkarm.