Awarta, Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Thu 3.1.08, Morning

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Esti V and Nava A.

Translation: Ruth F.

The talk about the upcoming relief and gestures, are like a weatherman's report- It will not be raining and there will not be a relief.

6:15- There were no BP soldiers inspecting the gate at "Sha'ar Ha'Shomron".
The entrance to  Marda and Zeita were empty. The blockage continued.

6:35- Za'tara/Tapouah Junction:
There were three cars from the west and only few cars from Huwwara that passed quickly. The soldiers at the checkpoint wouldn't talk to us at all, they seemed to be Yeshiva members and behaved accordingly.

6:45- No inspection was preformed at Burin/Yitzhar checkpoint.

Due to the many complaints on the Golany soldiers behavior at Beit Furik, we decided to begin there.

6:55- Beit Furik
A long line of cars heading out of the village. There were many pedestrians in front of the turnstiles. We showed the commander the documents saying that he mustn't stop the inspection when he thinks we are standing in a place he doesn't like, but that didn't impressed him at all. 
They are still using the new car inspection technique: every driver must leave his car, get out and open his jacket, do the checkpoint dance and then only approach the soldier. In most cases they don't bother to check the car.
Due to this new technique the inspection was very slow and the line of people waiting starched even beyond the road.
A military jeep arrived, in it were sergeants and sergeants majors. We tried explaining to them how ineffective and wrong it was. As though that was what would protect the soldiers lives.
Eventually a young person from the DCO arrived.  He quickly opened another lane for cars, this time he didn't ask the drivers to step out side, and the line quickly became shorter. We left the checkpoint in the DCO's hands and headed on.

7:45- Awarta
A long line of trucks that were waiting to get out of the city. The inspections were strict but there wasn't a bad atmosphere.
A Palestinian in a small truck detained (they said he had been there for three to four hours) as punishment for driving on a forbidden road. He said he came from Huwwara but the soldiers claimed they had seen him driving there. We later asked that the DCO in Huwwara investigate thins incident.

8:50 - Huwwara- At the entrance was a large sign of the Gidion family- a Golany soldiers' unit that  were manning the checkpoint. A crowd of men and women were trying to get out of the city. We didn't see the dog trainers in the car lanes. The x-ray machine was there.
The parking lot is really going through developments, this time they were selling Shawarmas.

The deputy company commander arrived and we asked that he speak to his colleague from Beit Furik, so that he stop using the new inspection technique.

8:40- No activity at Burin/Yitzhar.
At Za'tara/ Tapouah junction were 14 cars waiting from Huwwara, 8 were waiting from the east.