Azzun, Beit Iba, Jit, Mon 18.2.08, Morning

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Nina S. Osnat R.

Natanya translating.
General:  Segregation of young men from Tulkarm and the area of Jenin.  Even more than usual this complicates the lives of the people.

7.00 Azun- The western opening is open but the main entrance is closed also to pedestrians.  Jit is open.

7.25 Beit Iba- Because of the segregation all IDs are checked but women and older men are not checked usually after the intervention of the DCO representative.
A group of young men are gathered at the entrance. Some of them are from the village of Tolet, south of Qalqiliya and they cannot go through. The commander says that they have a list of the residents there even though there is no segregation of the residents of Qalqiliya and Jayous.  It seems that contrary to what is usually the situation the commander knows the geography of the area but has to go according to the lists. Nina phones the centre where she is told that the village should not be on the list and that this will be corrected. Not immediately of course but as it will go up the line of command.  There are about 14 detaineesinfo-icon. All had tried to bypass and were being punished by being kept for  a couple of hours and while we are there their numbers grow to 18 . Every now and again the soldiers run to the hills to "hunt" those trying to slip by. Everyone knows the rules of the game and those who are caught know they have tried and not succeeded and go smiling to the enclosure.

9.30 We leave and the commander says he will free them at 9.45.