Reihan, Shaked, Tue 11.3.08, Morning

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Ruth T. and Hannah H. (reporting)
Translation: Devorah K.

Reihan CP - 6:00
The first of the workers - men and women - leave for the upper parking lot. All of them complained about the fact that the CP opened at 5:45 and they had lost valuable time. In the sleeveinfo-icon that leads to the terminal, we hear a lot of noise and see two large crowds - each of about 40 people - one at the gate to the Palestinian parking lot and one at the entrance to the terminal building. The pressure at the entrance to the terminal continues until 7:00. In the lower parking lot, only two pickup trucks with agricultural goods are waiting, and four passenger cars are being inspected in the shed.

Shaked CP - 6:55
The CP is open but people begin to go through in both directions only at 7:00. Thirty people are waiting on the Tura side to go through to the seamline zone - they go through one by one through the inspection pavilion. The little children are going through to school in Tura in groups and today all the schoolbags are being inspected. The older pupils also enter immediately but they also have their documents inspected. Two pupils who do not have documents are detained.
Passenger cars go through in both directions; the inspection takes 2-3 minutes. Not all the passengers go through the inspection pavilion. A herd of sheep also goes through from the West Bank to Re'ut in the seamline zone.
7:20 - Taxis with students go through to Jenin; all the students get out, comment bitterly on the delay and go through via the inspection pavilion. The passage of a single taxi with its passengers takes about 10 minutes. Classes start at 8:00 and on the way to the university, there are, of course, some more CPs.
7:30: We left and we saw that on the side of the West Bank there were still fifteen people waiting to go through.

Old Barta'a - Agricultural CP
7:52 - The CP is deserted and closed.

Reihan CP - 8:00
The CP is now quiet again. A bus and some taxis go through from the seamline zone to the West Bank; only some of the passengers are required to go through the terminal while the others go through in the cars at the vehicle CP.
There is a slow flow of pedestrians through the terminal in both directions - the passage takes about 13 minutes.
8:30 - In the lower parking lot four loaded pickup trucks entered the closed compound for inspection at 7:00, and have only now been able to leave, after an hour and a half. Five other pickup trucks are entering the compound now. Four passenger cars on their way to the seamline zone are inspected in the shed for about 30 minutes. Seven additional cars are waiting for inspection.
Lately it seems that there are fewer people going through the CP. According to A. this may have to do with the fact that many of the permits of those going through to Barta'a are no longer valid. Renewing them is in the hands of the head of the Barta'a local council and for some reason there is a delay. A man from Kaffin is sent from Old Barta'a agricultural CP to go through in Reihan (the reason for this is not clear). On Sunday he succeeded in going through in Reihan, but today he was not permitted to go through, and lost a day's work