'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Azzun, Jubara (Kafriat), Qalqiliya, Mon 10.3.08, Morning

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Francis T. Ronnie S. Natanya translating.

The Eliyahu crossing.  Tonight the closureinfo-icon was cancelled.  The radio
announced it. So there were many workers and cars and the checking was
slow and very careful. 25 cars and about 40 workers were waiting. Some
were sent back because their permit was out of date or because they
cannot pass at this checkpoint.


Here there are mainly taxis with workers going to the
EIlyahu crossing to get to their work in Israel and who are glad that
the closure has eneded. No checking and pedestrians entering Qalqilya
are also not checked.

the exit of the city are 15 cars which waited about 12 minutes and the
checking is random of IDs and baggage compartments. We saw no Israeli
cars going in or coming out. A sign which is new to us at the entrance
marks the name of the city and that it is an A area and Israelis may
not enter.

At Azzun the road is blocked and that of Isbit Tabib is open. The main
entrance still has barbed wire in front of it. Two  jeeps of the
military police is parked at the side of the road both before and
behind the entrance.

The parking area of the taxis is as usual and two drivers are
moving goods back to back. A driver from Shufa says that some time ago
the army had promised that they could come through A-Ras and not
through Anabta which would make the journey much shorter but of course
this has not been done.

At the exit are 18 cars when we arrived and then the line lengthened so that we could not see the end of it. The 18th car took 23 minutes to get to the beginning of the line. All checking was random and we left at 9.55.

We went into Jubara with no problems

Ar Ras
is quiet, no lines and the checking is swift. We speak to two
Ecumenical volunteers from England very pleasant and who want to speak
to us. They are very impressed at Hana Barag's lecture held in

10.45 We take leave of Abu Hatab.