Ar-Ras, Irtah, Jubara (Kafriat), Thu 6.3.08, Morning

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Biriyah L. Hana P. Natanya translating.



The last of the workers come out in a thin stream and many cars
wait for them. At Ar-Ras the gate to Jubara is locked and a soldier
arrives to open it for us. At A-Ras there are no lines and little
traffic. On our way back we stop at the Children's gate where about 40
workers with permits wait to enter Jubara. The workers say they have
been waiting since 5am and the soldiers say they arrived at 6.30. There
are only two soldiers. One checks IDs and permits  and the other guards
him. A note is made of the numbers and the table is a cement block on
which the pages flutter about. At the same time he checks cars coming
out, carts and answers the phone. When we spoke about the tardiness of
the checking the soldier said he did not care and that they could wait
for him. Later the two soldiers changed and the one checked those
entering. During the 45 minutes minutes we were there things speeded up
a bit. We left feeling sorry both for the soldiers and for the workers.