Dura-Al Fawwar Junction, Hebron, Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills

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Nina B., Hagit S.S.; Translator: Charles K.



We resumed our shifts after a long absence – from Shoket junction to the Meitar crossing and from there on Highway 60 to Hebron.  All the settlements along the way are expanding, more and more new buildings.


The entrances to the villages are now open, and as M. says – the bulldozer worked hard to remove the roadblocks that had until recently been in place.  The Dura al-Fawwar junction is also fully open.  Everything looks as if nothing had changed.  Almost no soldiers on the roads - occasionally a few, or a military vehicle.


A sign at the entrance to Kiryat Arba:  “The sale has begun” (of new buildings).

A sign on the Hazon David synagogue:  “Onward with courage and valor.”  Two relaxed soldiers on guard.

The streets are very quiet, literally empty.  You can’t, of course, miss the large signs Hagit and Nili saw the day before yesterday…


Many innovations at the checkpoints:  Curve 160 is better protected by coils of razor wire, additional checkpoints where previously there had been none (on the way to ‘Azzam, for example), a few checkpoints have become electronic (Pharmacy, for example).  A new green net fence near the Cave of the Patriarchs; Palestinians pass only behind it.


An American journalist at ‘Abed’s, doesn’t want to talk to us at all, even after we showed her our badge.  ‘Abed and his son are as pleasant as ever.  In response to our question they say there aren’t many tourists.  That’s how it seemed while we sat there briefly.


More Israeli flags have been added along Shuhadah Street above the sealed shops, stuck onto the walls of home of Palestinians who still live there.  Provocation for its own sake.


The owner of the grocery opposite ‘Azzam welcomes us with true pleasure (as if to say, “Welcome back”).

Back along Highway 317.  Many children walking along the side of the road, returning from the UNRWA school (no yellow buses here…).


The settlement of Carmel is also expanding.

We saw two surveyors on a hill near Ma’on, measuring to expand the settlement?