Awarta, Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Sun 3.2.08, Morning

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Yael B and Ditza Y (reporting)

Translation: Ruth F.

One car standing from the west. There were three open lanes for car arriving from the north. A dog trainer with her dog were at the western lane. We stood and observed: Such a routine sight and such a difficult one. People were taken out of a cab and the dog sniffed their bags and packages. He's saliva might have even dripped in side. A disturbing feeling of humiliation.

Another cab: The driver, following  the orders of the dog trainer, took two bags out of he's trunk and then the dog jumped in side the trunk. The bags were full of food, at least the driver had the opportunity to take them out so that the dog couldn't stick his nose in them. A third driver that had his trunk inspected but the dog, was asked to get in to the car and stay there during the inspection.
A young settler came towards us, he greeted us as expected saying: Bitch! You are worse then the Hamas! Stand by the Palestinians so that they inspect you!". During his speech the passengers of a bus that had arrived were taken  off, so he wanted me to stand by them. And another thing he said: "The Hamas pays you!"
On the way to Huwwara we counted 64 cars.

On the northern side of Huwwara we noticed a car that had it's front window shield broken, by it was an old Palestinian and some BP soldiers. The soldier we had approached told us that there was an argument between the families and the young man, the some of the old Palestinian that was there, was shot and taken to the hospital. 

8:25 Beit Furik:
 9 cars were in line waiting to enter Nablus. At the turnstiles there were 15-20 people.
An argument had erupted between a soldier and the owner of the car he was inspecting. The commander headed towards us, he warned us not to speak with the Palestinians and demanded that we left. We refused. We showed him that we weren't passing the white line and demanded to the order that forbids us from speaking to the Palestinians. He claimed that he didn't have the order with him, he would bring it later, in the mean while he threatened to call the police and then closed the cp. Considering the fact that the Palestinians were being used as hostages, we had to leave.

8:50 Awarta:
Three trucks heading to Nablus. A long line of people leaving the city. Abu Ahmad said there were 30 trucks waiting. He claimed that earlier that morning there was much traffic.

9:00 Huwwara:
About 20 people were crowded by the turnstile to Nablus, but after a couple of minutes the place was empty. Afterwards- fewer people entered.
Two lanes were open for those coming out of Nablus. The checkpoint commander (D) came to us, he suggested that we come to him if we had any problems. This was a refreshing change after the commander at Beit Furik. The representative of the DCO was there (sergeant A) and cooperated with us. 

A soldier in gray uniforms and a tag of the engineering corps gave us some damped papers that he found on the ground and that supposedly had something to do with us. These were the papers of the Women in Blue, those that praise the IDF and advise it to act against us, attached to this manifest there was a copy of a letter from the unit of investigation of the Samaria region to the assistant chief of staff for operations, about restricting our activity.

There was a detained man by the northern cell. According to A he was an Israeli that was coming back from Nablus. He was inspected.
A young man came to us, asked for some pictures of the cp that women from our organization had taken, so that he could send them to his uncle at Saudi Arabia.

At about 10:00 an ambulance with his siren on arrived. It was heading to Huwwara.
A Palestinian later told us there was a dispute between two families and that they burned some houses in Huwwara so that ambulance was heading there. He said that two young men were shot and injured. 

We left.