Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

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Leah R. and Ruti T. (Reporting and Photographer) Marcia L., Translation

5:50  Barta’a-Reihan Checkpoint





Many workers are already waiting next to the crowded parking lot on the seamline zone side.  From the other side of the checkpoint, a double line of workers wait to the right of the only carousel, to the success of E., who for many weeks, has voluntarily taken on himself, the job of maintaining order.  The carousel is opened every 3 to 6 minutes and between 40 -70 people pass through each time.  This time we didn’t ascertain the waiting time in line, but we determined the worker’s passage time from the moment he reached the carousel, his entrance to the terminal and then until his exit from the sleeveinfo-icon to the upper parking lot:  12 minutes.  We left early in order to arrive in time for the opening of the Tura Checkpoint, but after a telephone clarification with E., we were informed that by 7:15, all the workers had passed through.



6:35  Tura-Shaked Checkpoint

Everything here was relaxed and as known, superfluous.  The checkpoint   was opened on time and by 7:10, everyone had passed through.  The children were locked out of their studies by their teachers who are protesting their not receiving their salaries.  There are beautiful flowers in the nearby field:  Adonis, Ranunculus, Cyclamen and others. 

Exiting the Barta’a checkpoint, they told us that the streetlight pole that threatens to collapse on the heads of those in line (see the photo) is waiting for repair by the electric company.