'Azzun, Beit Furik, Burin (Yitzhar), Habla, Huwwara, Madama, Za'tara (Tapuah)

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Suzan Ayad, Fathia (reporting); Transoator: Rachel B.-P.

13:45  Habla  -  a soldier approached us, introduced himself and asked about our activity. The M.P. started yelling at him and told him brutally to come back and not talk to us. The soldier continued talking with us and told her: "I'll do what I want". She told him: "I'm your commander and I order you to come back at once". Another soldier came and asked him to not cause troubles and took him back.

In the meantime a Palestinian with his vehicle arrived and wanted to enter his village Habla. The MP told him that his permit expired at that moment and therefore he cannot enter. After arguing the MP told him he can enter bit without his vehicle since the permit for the vehicle expired as well. The man wanted to leave the vehicle near the greenhouses. In the meantime Dalia arrived with other Machsom Watch members and  the arguing with the MP continued.

The vehicle got stuck in the mud and the driver couldn't get it out. The nice soldier came to help bringing with him stones and boards and together with the other soldier tried to push out the vehicle. At the end a tractor came and managed to push the vehicle out of the mud. All ended well - the MP allowed the man and his vehicle to enter.


14:50  Azzun  - across from the entrance a jeep with some soldiers stood in the olive grove.


15:00  Burin  -  The post across from the school is manned


15:10  Huwwara  -  The bus stops are manned, 2 soldiers in each stop. The tower is manned as well as the concrete post in the middle of the road of Itamar. The machsom is full with soldiers. The entrance from Nablus to Hawara is closed and the vehicles are re-routed to Machsom Awarta which is full with soldiers who are checking the vehicles. The result is a huge traffic jam. People went out of the cars and waited.

Beit Furik  -  manned but with no interruptions


Beita -  on the main road in Hawara across the entrance to Beita a jeep with 8 soldiers standing.


16:15   Za'tara  - A mess. Soldiers blocked the road to Hawara, took out people from their vehicles, checked them and directed the Palestinians to Ariel road. A jeep in the roundabout. Also vehicles arriving from the south wanting to turn right were checked, with no exception.


Ariel junction  - soldiers took passengers out of taxis and checked them. The stations are manned.


Masha junction  -  at the stop light the stations are manned.