Hamra (Beqaot), Tayasir

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Revital Sela, Rachel Hayut (reporting, photos), Translation Tal H.

11:45 Bezeq Checkpoint. We crossed.



It's a hot day. The slopes are still green. Sheep and goats are seen grazing, a guise of calm. On the road going up to Tyassir we see no soldiers. The concrete casting of the water pipe is finished, paving road over it has not yet begun.

Behind the watchtower at Tyassir Checkpoint we saw a white vehicle bearing an Israeli license plate.

We visited Akaba village, met the village elder, visited the playground where Combatants for Peace have built a new and attractive installation (we also took part in this project), bought tea and goat cheese from the small  shopts at the center of this lovely village.

(Photo) Akaba. The playground installation donated by Combatants for Peace












The Allon Road:

Tank carriers stand in line waiting to enter the military base. The earthen dyke is sprouted with new grass.

The new fence of Beqa'ot settlement looks completed.

We sat with I. and his family at Khalat Makhoul, heard about the electricity shortage they suffer since their generator has been ruined by the rains. He told us the generator has been taken for repairs.


15:55 Hamra CHeckpoint(Photo – waiting line of cars west of the checkpoint)


The fragrance of orange blossoms all around slightly improves the stench of occupation that pervades this place.

22 cars are lined up waiting on the east side, taxis and workers' transports. A similar number line up on the west side of the checkpoint. Within a minute or two of our arrival, the entire convoy was let through from the east, and after another 5 minutes, so was the line from the west. The reserves soldiers who manned the checkpoint asked us not to stand nearby, we refused, they did not insist and went back to their post. From which they photographed us.


16:05 – again a waiting line of 10 cars on the east side accumulated and we left after these too were allowed through.


16:15 We left.



On our way north, various tank carriers passed us along the Allon Road as well as on Road 90..

16:35 Bezeq CheckpointWe crossed back into Israel.