Beit Iba, Jit, Mon 17.3.08, Morning

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Ronnie S. Osnat R. Natanya translating.

7.25 Jit crossroads checkpoint.

Beit Iba
7.40 About 13 cars in either direction and it takes the 11th about 20 minutes to cross. The line of pedestrians entering is not long but all the IDs including women and the elderly are checked. A minibus with only women in it stops and their IDs are collected for checking and soldiers get in to the bus to check with the women still inside. The 10 cars at the exit  take about 25 minutes to pass.
8.20 11 cars in either direction. Two detaineesinfo-icon whom the commander says have tried to bypass the checkpoint. He allowed us to speak to them and they said that they came with an icecream wagon to Qusin and were detained and that they have been there since 6am and they do not know why nor have they been allowed to go to the toilet. Ronnie spoke to the commander who said he would deal with the problem but we did not see him doing anything. We turned to the DCO representative who went to speak to them and after an argument of about 10 minutes they are freed.Young men entering Nablus have to get out of the bus and go through the x-ray detectors.
9.00 We leave