Ar-Ras, Azzun, Deir Ballut, Jubara (Kafriat), Wed 12.12.07, Afternoon

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Smadar H., Hagar L., Avital C. (reporting)

13:54 – Dir Balut roadblock – the block was lifted and traffic moves freely, but soldiers are present on site.  According to the soldiers, they do not inspect cars unless there's a suspicious car.  From what they say, Palestinians are now allowed to drive on the road going up from the junction toward Peduel, Aley Zahav, and Kafer Adik, and from there to road 5, a road on which Palestinians were forbidden to travel.   There was almost no Palestinian car traffic while we stayed at the junction so that we couldn't verify that they are indeed allowed to travel on this road.  We continued driving on road 446 northwards and went under the bridge on road 5 where there was no roadblock.
In Masakha – near the lone house belonging to Hani, inside the separation wall, a wall was put up that divides him from the village houses.

15:10 – Azzun – the main exit from the village to road 55 was opened this morning at 10:00 according to the testimony of one of the residents.  The exit to road 55 near Izbet Tabib was also opened, according to him.
Road 574 at the exit from Azzun, under road 55 – there's a rolling block which turns out to be a drill in putting up a roadblock.  The soldiers block traffic completely for 10 minutes and then go away.

Ar-Ras checkpoint – 10 cars from the north.
Jubara – a group of 10 detaineesinfo-icon – laborers returning from Israel without permits.  They are detained by the soldiers as punishment.
Anabta – 25 cars in both directions.  Inspection is symbolic only.  Each car takes about 15 minutes to cross.
The two blocks at Funduq were lifted.
Kafer Laqif – the block on the exit to road 55 was lifted.