Reihan, Shaked, Sun 30.3.08, Morning

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Ruti T., Hana H. (reporting)

Translation; Yael Bassis-Student

06:00 Rihan-Barta'a checkpoint
The gate was opened at 05:40, and at the upper car park area we see workers, men and women, getting into vehicles that would drive them to their employment sites.
Those coming out of the terminal report: "Today all is well".
Inside the terminal there are two operational inspection posts. In front of the terminal and in front of the main gate, at the lower car park area, about 10 people are waiting but passage is rapid.
At the vehicle's inspection post, in the direction of the West Bank, the development work (environmental design) at the waiting area is accelerated; the last addition is a slide for children.
Four cars are under inspection at the shed at the vehicles' checkpoint going into the seam line zone.
At the lower car park area  there are 13  pickup trucks loaded with merchandise, waiting for the opening of the inspection area. In the meantime drivers are busy unloading and reloading vehicles.

07:05 - Shaked-Tura checkpoint

The gate is open. on the Tura side (the West Bank) about 20 people are waiting and passage is extremely slow. Average passage time per person is 5 minutes, but occasionally there are delays. People report of lists, held by soldiers, of individuals who had not returned on the same day (and are therefore considered suspicious for staying at the Seam Zone/Israel illegally). Those individuals are denied passage. People who go through inspection complain that the list is not updated. Those individuals had sorted out their problems with the DCO and obtained new permits.
People also ask that, in the morning, soldiers would allow all those going from the West Bank into the seam line zone to go first, before the students and the schoolchildren who cross over to the West Bank.
Vehicles cross over to both directions.  Passage into the West Bank goes smoothly. Passengers get off  the cars and go through inspection one by one. All school bags are being inspected while other enter the inspection rooms.
When we left at 07:40, many workers were still waiting on the side of the west bank.

07:55- Rihan-Barta'a checkpoint

Four pickup trucks are still under inspection, since 07:00. Two pickup trucks loaded with eggs had already gone through and seven more  are still waiting.
People who arrive at the checkpoint tell us that today there is a delay at the Dotan checkpoint.
08:15 The old Barta'a checkpoint (for farmers)

3 tractors go through and the gate closes.