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אורנית, מהצד הזה של הגדר

The Occupation Corrupts (1)

Harsh Confrontation with a Checkpoint Soldier

Beit Iba Checkpoint, Thursday 17.4.08
Observers: Zvia S, Dalia G

An experience that has not let me be for a few days happened on Thursday afternoon at Bet Iba Checkpoint.
My partner Zvia and I saw five Palestinians being led by soldiers to the detainee compound. We did not know how many were sitting in the "pen" because it is difficult to see from the checkpoint plaza. The checking hut blocks the view.
I walked over to the compound to see what was happening, listening carefully for and shouts from behind calling me back. None!
In the compound were 15 young men, all students. I talked with them. While we were talking, a soldier ran up with drawn weapon and a threatening stare. He entered the compound and yelled: "Move back, to the wall, you there – sit, stand [wasn’t clear who was to sit and who to stand]. The youngsters were dumbfounded and, in their confusion, didn’t move. And then, with his free hand (the one not holding a rifle), he shoved them while continuing to shout.
When all were on the other side of the compound, and I was still standing where I had been fromn the beginning, he turned to me:
"You’re forbidden to be here. Get away from here immediately!"
"I am permitted to be here by the ruling of the Chief Military Advocate..."
"I told you! Get away from here! You are impertinent!"
"I’m not used to being spoken to like that."
"Fly away, do you hear!"
"I don’t have wings."
"Then I’ll give you wings and help you – fly away now!"
"Okay, give me..."
"If you don’t fly, I’ll close the checkpoint!"
"Then go ahead. I’m staying here because I am allowed. Call the police..."
"Impertinence!!!" (The screams are now at loudspeaker volume.)
"Take pity on your voice."
"If you don’t fly away from here I’ll hit the Palestinians and I’ll shoot them in their legs..."  [L]