'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Jubara (Kafriat), Wed 26.3.08, Afternoon

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Tammi C., Daliah G. Translator Orna B.


16:40 Anabta

Again ahead of us is the red sign with the letter A rubbed out. Next to the inspection booth there is another sign in black and white:

" Attention! you are entering an area under the Palestinian
Authority control. Territory - A. Palestinian police forces operate in
this area." (I took a photo).


All this in front of a checkpoint under the cotrol of the Israeli
army and not the Palestinian police... this is double faced on behalf
of the army, and it requires looking into.


At the checkpoint: 4 cars on each side. We have not come across any event that required our stay in the area.


16:50 We left and carried on to Jubara.


17:50 Jubara

We waited for about 15 minutes for a soldier to open the gate to
Jubara for us. He knew we were allowed to pass through , but he had to
ask for our permit for the sake of the protocol.

Meanwhile we studied carefully another bright sign:

" Welcome to the Figs pass ( very pastoral to start with)

This pass is for Israelis only!

There is a ban on the passage and/or the driving of a non Israeli person through this gate!!

"Israeli - a resident of Israel, who lives in the area,
and is an Israeli citizen, or who is entitled to emigrate to Israel
according to the Law of Return, - 1950, as it applies in Israel, as
well as he who is not a local resident."


All this complicated text is written on the sign.


17:25 The Children's Gate.

A cart loaded with women and children is standing there. Everyone
waits patiently, for no reason. Upon our arrival - they are let
through... On each side a single car awaits, again for no reason.


A woman is standing by the road, awaiting inspecion. She expects
generosity from the inspecting soldier. It does not come. She has
relatives in Jubara, and she wants to go home through the same gate she
had entered through. The chackpoints commander is at the Ar-ras
checkpoint, and we are on our way to see him. 


Beyond the children's gate - again the red sign without the letter A... (photographed).


17:40 Ar-Ras.

There is no queue of vehicles. We speak to the commander about the
woman who is still waiting at the children's gate. He phones someone
and tells us that the case is dealt with.


17:50 The children's gate again. The woman is still there.
according to her she works in Jubara and they do not allow her to go
home. 5 more men with Tasrikh's are standing there waiting to go home
from Jubara. The soldier informs us that because of us everyone is


17:55  At the Jubara gate, again we wait for the gate to be
opened. At the entrance to Israel there are about 20 cars. Meanwhile
Tammi rings the battalion's operations commander , who promises to rlet
through the woman awaiting at the children's gate. ( The commander's
dealing with the case got nowhere).


18:00 We leave, on our way home.