'Anabta, Azzun, Qalqiliya, Wed 2.4.08, Morning

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Moran A., Rina Ts. (reporting), Ronit (guest) Translation: Galia S.

A refreshment course for checkpoint sergeants causes a "stoppage of life" of half an hour.

06:55 – Vehicles are not delayed and there are no lines.

The western entrance (the entrance to Izbet Tabib) is open. We also haven't seen any blockade on the road parallel to highway 55 which leads to Azzun. The main entrance to the village is still blocked by a long and high earth rampart and barbed wire. People succeed in passing these barriers on foot (at least the young ones do). We see a few men waiting for taxis on road 55. There are no military vehicles.

The village of Laqif
The entrance to the village is open.

Anabta (Einav)  (on the way back from Beit Iba)
09:40 – 10:05 – When we arrive, the checkpoint seems to be bustling with activity. On the left side, among the olive trees, there is a picnic table with some refreshments and a presentation board.

Little by little more military vehicles arrive with officers of different ranks. It seems that the checkpoint soldiers behave differently. Every passing taxi is sent to stand aside and at least one document is sent to be checked on the computer. At approximately 10:00 battalion commander Nir arrives, introduces himself and tells us that he is holding a refreshment course for sergeants concerning standing at checkpoints. He says that the checkpoint will close down for half an hour ("stoppage of life"). We try to make him aware that the result will be terrible lines and a big mess. Unfortunately, for different reasons we are obliged to leave and won't be able to see what happens. This is also why we don't enter Jubara and Ar-Ras checkpoint. From road 57, we can see from afar one vehicle waiting at the checkpoint.