These are our neighbors forever | Machsomwatch
אורנית, מהצד הזה של הגדר

These are our neighbors forever

Daniela and Nava,

The tour was well organized; all the arrangements adjusting how we set out and fixing the course of the trip worked perfectly. The guidance was professional. It was clear that you have long experience in the topic of the CPs, especially those in the West Bank. The meetings with local people at the stops added a human dimension to the general picture and facilitated our understanding of the human difficulties that the residents, mostly farmers, have to deal with. We gained  a broad  perspective on the problems of the Palestinian villages, especially from the very  focused explanations of narrow local aspects and from the pointed information that was given.


In my opinion, these tours should be recommended to everyone who is interested, people on the political right as well as those on the left, because it has no connection with the colonies, with political attitudes or with any kind of political arrangements for  the state. The only connection is with the military rule in the occupied areas and the basic humanitarian aspect of our relationships with the neighbors who are closest to us now and in the future. We have no others, these are our neighbors forever.


Thank you,


Oded Yanon