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אורנית, מהצד הזה של הגדר


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This village is located in the Salfit district of the northern West Bank, 19 kilometers south-west of Nablus. The village population numbered 1,387 as of 2016. 97.6% of the village lands are categorized as Area B, whereas the 2.3% remaining are in Area C. The Separation Fence erected around the settler-colony city of Ariel separates Qira from its local town Salfit, and necessitates a detour of about 20 kilometers.

In 2010-2015, the women’s center in the village held meetings and workshops shared by the village women and children with members of MachsomWatch.

For further information: http://vprofile.arij.org/salfit/pdfs/vprofile/Qira_vp_en.pdf