Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Wed 26.3.08, Afternoon

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Sharon L. Racheli B.

Natany translating.

14.35 Crossroads of Za'tara 20 cars waiting from the north.

14.45 Huwwara.
The lines don't look that long but people say it takes an hour. P. the commander introduces himself to us.  There are 6 detaineesinfo-icon, students who are outside the isolation and every 5 minutes another one is added  and eventually all are sent to the pit. 
14.55 The soldiers have the IDs and at about 15.10 the students are freed.
The commander says it is something to do with the GSS.

16.00 Beit Furik
We are told to stand at the end of the checkpoint so that we cannot see or hear what is happening.
Why do we accept this. There is little movement.
At 16.15 we left.

16.50 Crossroads of Za'tara where there are 15 cars and a dog which is practicing in the parking lot.