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אורנית, מהצד הזה של הגדר


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updated for May 2015:

The village numbers 2,500 residents, and in the neighboring village of Iskaka  about 1,500. Yasuf suffers from low  water supply and intermittent flow - although the population has more than doubled since the Oslo Accords, the 12 cubic meters set in 1996,  sometimes even less, are alternated between the two villages, summer and winter .Permits to complete the harvest are only given for a few days, and there are often roadblocks on the way to the groves and the settlers, mostly fr/om Tapuah, try to drive the harvesters away. Since 2006, the settlements have been expanded threefold from their original location, and the harassments are numerous - including vandalism of cars and spraying of hate-inscriptions on the mosque. The settlers from Kfar Tapuach took control of land belonging to the residents and planted their own trees, and the army does not allow the villagers to approach these plots.