Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Barred (from meeting with attorney), Holding and trading of combat materiel

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Roni Hammermann, Tova Szeintuch (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


Judge: Lieut. Col. Menahem Lieberman

Investigator: Rabia Suatri

Defense: Firas Sabah, Judd Kadamani, Ma’amoun Hashim and later Ismail Taweel


We came in late because there was a safety drill and the officer in charge of entry permits decided that it was a real emergency and detained us all.

Justice Lieberman and the investigator waited for us, and so did the attorneys.

Due to the delays they did their best to conduct the hearings efficiently.


In the first two cases the sides had reached an agreement:


Hudifa Ibrahim Na’aman Hashub – ID 85934141

Hani Ahmad Rashayid Sleiman – ID 411592991


The three attorneys represented all the cases except that of Sleiman (Firas Sabah represented the detainee instead of Atty. Taweel, who came in later)

They reached an agreement on a 4-days remand, after which the cases would be transferred to the prosecution.


Hadi Issa Hareb Abu Seif – ID 910758655

He was represented by three attorneys. Atty. Kadamani presented the case. Abu Seif is barred from seeing counsel. This is his second remand extension. The Investigator requests an 11-day extension. The charge is “trading in combat materiel”. The respondent has not yet given a statement to the police. There is progress in the investigation. The defense asks if the suspect denies the allegations or links himself to the incident. The investigator replies: he gave his statement.


Q: Does the investigation substantiate the suspicion?

A: Yes.


Defense summation: We object to the investigation’s request. The defendant was convicted in 2004 [presumably, the defense’s question seeks to see a connection between the old conviction and the present investigation]. Since the detainee is barred from seeing his attorney, he has been unable to obtain legal advice during his detention. The attorney asks the court to examine the file to determine if there is enough evidence to link him to the suspicion.


We left the courtroom with the attorneys while the detainee was brought in. Only the judge, investigator, typist and interpreter remained.


Ra‘aman Ibrahim Na‘aman Mahshub – ID 94406585

Barred from seeing counsel.

He is represented by three attorneys. Firas Sabah presents the case. The investigator requested 11-day extension.

Mahshub was arrested on 31.1.16. Yesterday he gave a statement to the police; he links himself to the suspicions. The investigation will focus on new allegations.

In his summation Atty. Firas said, “The suspect gave two versions. He links himself to the suspicions. This is his third remand extension, so why are 11 days needed?

We left the courtroom.


Muhammad Mahmoud Hasan Abu-Tir – ID 080393820

(see earlier report from 8.2.16)

This is the member of Palestinian parliament that was once identified as “red beard”. Today he has white hair and a white beard.

He is barred from seeing counsel.


Defense: Did he make a statement?

A: Yes.

Q: Has he linked himself [to the allegations]?

A: Yes,

Q: All the stages of the investigation have been completed?

A: Yes, but they yielded new requirements.

Q: Do the suspicions relate to acts that were carried out or planned?

A: See secret file.

Q: Are others involved? Was he incriminated?

A: See secret file.

Q: Does he link himself to all the suspicions?

A: The secret file.


Attorney’s summation: As in the previous hearing, the defense points out the advanced age of the detainee and the harsh conditions under which he is held. This is his third remand extension and he is still barred from seeing his attorney.


We left the court.