'Azzun, Beit Furik, Burin (Yitzhar), Habla, Jit Junction, Madama

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Irit S., Fathia (reporting),; Translator: Judith Green

14:00 Hablah

No problems.


14:15 Azzun 

Next to the entrance, between the olive trees, a military jeep and a few soldiers are walking around the area.


14:45  a flying checkpoint at the junction of Jit-Sarra.  Road #60 Izhar, is closed to Palestinian vehicles, only cars with yellow license plates can go on it, to our luck.


15:00 Madamah - the western entrance (the bridge) is blocked by dirt and stones.  We couldn't enter.  We were supposed to attend a meeting with the head of the local council who was waiting for us.  We tried to enter by way of Burin. At the entrance to Burin there was a checkpoint but we managed to enter but inside the village there were 2 jeeps riding around and another jeep at the entrance to Madamah.  The soldiers did not allow us to enter, so we went back. 


15:20 Huwwara.  The junction of Huwarrah-Izhar on the East was also blocked for Palestinian vehicles, there was a checkpoint.  The main road of Huwarrah was blocked to Palestinian vehicles.  A lot of traffic of military vehicles on the road.  The checkpoint was between Huwarrah and Nablus and was closed, and the Palestinian vehicles traveled by way of Huwarrah, which was open, but manned by a lot of soldiers who checked every vehicles carefully.


15:30  Beit Furik.  Soldiers and a jeep at the entrance to the village, not at the checkpoint.  They kicked out shepherds who were in the area.  The checkpoint itself was manned.


15:45  At the entrance to Beita there were about 10 soldiers.


15:55  Za'atra junction.  Full of soldiers standing in every corner.  There was a checkpoint next to the roundabout which prevented Palestinian vehicles from entering Nablus by way of Huwarra.  They were turned away in the direction of Zeita J'amin. This route would take about 2 hours to get to Nablus, instead of 15 minutes.  All of this was in order to enable the "masters" to travel easily on a Palestinian-free road.


16:00  Junction of Ariel - soldiers manning the bus stop.


The junction of Masha/Haris full of a serious traffic jam blocking people coming from Haris, because of all the entrances/exits from Nablus in the direction of Ramallah were blocked.  The bus stops were manned.