'Izbet alTabib, Falamiya North Checkpoint (914), Falamiya South Checkpoint (935), Khirbet 'Isla Checkpoint) 1231

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Annelien Kisch (taking pictures), Tzvia Shapira (reporting); Translator: Louise Levi

Agricultural Gatesinfo-icon -  Falamiya North, Falamiya South (= Jayyus North), Jayyus South and Khirbet 'Isla


5:52 – Agricultural Gate 914, Falamiya North. People we know from former shifts are speaking to us, they all say they feel imprisoned. "This is our land so why are we not allowed to come here when we need to? Why are the gates closed? Why soldiers?" We have no good answer. None of us sees any reason for hope.

So why do you come here? To be informed and to report about the situation to the Israeli population and to the world. Maybe it will help in the future. We all move our heads sadly.



The farmers here wonder if we can ask the soldiers to open the gate at 16:00 in the afternoon instead of 16:30. They say that the villagers in Jayyus want the gate to open at 16:00 instead of 16:30, so they might just change between the two gates.


We promise to raise the problem at the DCO, but I'm doubtful that anything will change.

Before the soldiers arrive, an army vehicle arrives to check that everything is in order.


The farmers say "coming here to sneak around at the gate". 5 soldiers arrive at 5:55 but they just hang around until 6:00. The Palestinians are watching them with contempt. .. so am I. The soldiers open the gate taking the position of "the guys in charge": legs wide apart, guns hanging loosely pointing to the ground and hands in pockets.  They order the farmers to walk to the check post, five at the time. About 10 tractors and men and women cross, some of them riding on donkeys others walking. The gate closes at 6:25.